Importance Of Hiring The Right Rooftop Solar Energy Company For Installation At Home

When getting rooftop solar power system for home, hiring the right solar energy company is important for following reasons:

Quality of components

Solar energy companies offering cheap installations could be using low quality equipment. So your upfront solar power cost would be less, but in the longer run, it may turn out to be an expensive maintenance engagement.

Optimum rooftop solar installation

An experienced and technically savvy solar energy team like Insolergy Technologies would propose the most optimum solar installation for your home. Did you know installing higher capacity solar power system is not always the best way to reduce electricity bill? Even going 100% solar is not always the best way to save in the longer run. Read this post to find out why combination of grid supply with solar electricity might make more sense for your home.

Rooftop mounting and long lasting foundation

Rooftop solar panel installation must have a solid and long lasting foundation. That’s the only way to ensure that they don’t get damaged due to strong winds. That’s makes a strong case for not using DIY home solar panel kits and call for professional solar panel installers instead.

Hassle-free rooftop solar installation

Other than the equipment and installation techniques, there are various regulations and permissions involved when installing solar panel systems. Hiring a solar energy company which provides end-to-end solutions can make your life really simple. 

For example, Insolergy cuts down hassle for approvals and paper work with the govt. authorities. Being channel partners of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Insolergy is able to provide solar subsidies for grid connected rooftop solar systems. Read more about Insolergy Technologies.

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A good and reliable solar energy company will always care more about quality and customer satisfaction. If you’re planning to install solar power system at home, then look for solar EPC companies which provide turnkey solar energy solutions. 


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